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SHEQ Management Oct 15


What should people consider when dealing with healthcare risk waste? They need to remember that it is hazardous and can be detrimental to people’s health and/or the environment and must therefore be managed accordingly.Read More

National HCRW Regulations

National HCW REgulations gazetted

National Regulations relating to Health Care Waste Management in Health Establishments were gazetted on the 23rd May 2014. Interested persons have until the 23rd August 2014 to submit substantiated comment or representations to the Department of Health. Read More

SAJEI Article 

using reusable containers for hospital waste

"Reusable waste containers are used to transport healthcare risk waste (sharps and non-sharps) in many countries, and are becoming increasingly common in South Africa. Initially, there may be a perception of risk of pathogen or disease transmission with their introduction. This paper assessed the international literature on reusable waste container infection risk and found there to be negligible to nil risk of pathogen or disease transfer," Terry R Grimmond.


1 litre sharps container launches 

Small and compact, and proudly made in South Africa, Compass's new 1 litre sharps container has been tested and approved by SABS in accordance with United Nations recommendations. Order your 1 litre container TODAY!

Waste Seg

Waste Segregation 

As a generator of healthcare risk waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that all waste is segregated correctly at the source, into either infectious, sharps, anatomical, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic or general waste containers.

CWS Article

The Story of COMPASS 

Compass is passionate about the dangers of illegal dumping of health care risk waste, and aims to draw the curtain on such occurrences within the HCRW industry. This article follows the history and future of Compass Medical Waste Services through the eyes of Managing Director, Ian Du Randt.

HCRW Conference


This one-of-a-kind manual was specifically created for the Compass Medical Waste Services HCRW Legal Compliance Conference 2013, but has now become a highly valuable educational tool for all. It contains all you need to know about HCRW and more.

iThemba Lethu

COMPASS donates r35 000 t0 ithemba lethu

The donation made to iThemba Lethu will contribute towards the Family Integration Programme.


Have you registered with SAWIS?

Generators who do not register within the allotted time period may face up to 15 years imprisonment and a fine.

autoclave art

Autoclave Technology in the Treatment of HCRW

Autoclaves promise complete sterilization, disinfection and micro-organism killing.


Distribution in the HCRW field

Confused about waste distribution? Find out about the Acts and Legislation here.

general spec 


Curious about the HCRW collection, treatment and disposal in SA? Read about the specification from a service provider perspective.

reusables give 

Reusables Give Northwestern Memorial Sharp Edge on Safety and Sustainability

Northwestern Memorial Hospital provides a green service that is committed to sustainability via reusable systems, reducing their waste stream by 84%.

a strat 

A Strategy to Reduce Sharps Injuries – Engineered Sharps Containers

20% of SA healthcare workers suffer sharps injuries a year, learn about how we brought this number right down with our Sharps containers.

pioneer in 

Pioneer in the Field on Non-Burn Technology

Compass prides itself on being a pioneer in the field of non-burn technology for the treatment and disposal of HCRW in SA.

waste manifest 

Ways to Track Healthcare Risk Waste

With three ways to track you healthcare risk waste there is no chance of it being lost or mismanaged. Read about why this technology is crucial.