Compass Medical Waste Services

Pricing Options

Assisting you with cost effective methods

Private or public, we can help with a cost of service method that works for you.

CCD (Container, Collection, treatment and Disposal)

  • All inclusive price (including transport)
  • Offered to small quantity generators
  • If the customer/prospect is off an existing route, then we will charge the stop fee (dependant on zone) over and above the all inclusive price
  • One invoice is generated at time of placement/receipt of order


C & D Per KG (Container & treatment & Disposal per KG)

  • A price is quoted for the container and a separate price is quoted for the treatment and disposal of the container with contents at a per kilo rate (dependant on waste stream)
  • Subsequently two invoices will be raised:

  • i. The first invoice is raised on receipt of order for the container and subsequent delivery thereof
    ii. The second invoice is raised when the full container is collected, treated and disposed of – this invoice is generated at the end of the month

  • The waste is weighed at point of collection and again on arrival at our treatment plant


T & D (Treatment & Disposal)

  • Charge for the collection, treatment and disposal per container
  • Applied when collecting, treating and disposing of competitor containers
  • Prior to us collecting the competitor's containers for treatment and disposal, the customer must forward a written request on an official letterhead requesting the collection. On receipt of this letter, we will then action their order and keep a copy in your customer file as well as forward a copy to the distribution team.