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Your waste is our priority

We supply a high quality healthcare risk waste management service, and our professionally trained team are committed to treat and dispose of your waste without harming you or the environment.

Compass is able to assist you with the following services:

  • The supply of disposable and reusable healthcare risk waste (HCRW) products such as containers, bags and boxes.
  • The distribution and transport of containers and the collection of HCRW for treatment and disposal. Our trucks are also linked to iTruck real time tracking enabling 24 hour surveillance of all vehicles and providing comprehensive logistical reports on vehicle movements.
  • The Reutech system which provides bar coding technology to help successfully track and weigh your healthcare risk waste.
  • The treatment of HCRW using the environmentally friendly Bondtech autoclave treatment technology, which assists in destroying all viruses and bacteria to create a safe matter without hazardous emissions.
  • Document Management System (DMS) gives you easy control of your accounts and simple online access to documentation such as the Waste Collection Document (WCD) which records all deliveries and collections of healthcare risk waste from source to final disposal.
  • The training of healthcare workers by SETA accredited trainers. This training covers topics such as the "Cradle to Grave" management of HCRW, the regulations and legislation governing the HCRW industry, the correct segregation of waste, and the nine categories of HCRW, as well as other training modules relating to our industry. Our drivers, treatment and load assistants are also trained on the correct handling of healthcare risk waste and emergency procedures. Our drivers are also fully hazchem trained.
  • We do not compromise on quality or standards and our team of service orientated, vibrant, dynamic and determined individuals will continue to ensure this.

Training Courses

Hands on training programmes

Our clinical support team comprising of qualified professional nursing and infection control sisters, are committed to providing internal and external training on the management of healthcare risk waste, ensuring that the correct cradle to grave management of healthcare risk waste is maintained. Over the past 3 years, we have trained over 22 000 people. All our trainers are SETA Accredited Facilitators and offer the following courses and Training programmes:

Healthcare Risk Waste Management Course

The Healthcare risk waste Management course covers the following topics: What is Healthcare Waste (HCW); the different categories of HCRW; cradle to grave Management of HCRW; tracking and containerization; illegal dumping; training and education; legislation; permits required, auditing; and different treatment options available on how to treat healthcare risk waste.

Training programmes:

  • What is HCW and 9 Different Categories of HCRW
  • Cradle to grave Management of HCRW
  • Central Healthcare Risk Waste Storage Area Training
  • Waste Collection Document Training
  • Management of Sharps Waste Training
  • Management of Anatomical Waste Training
  • Management of Pharmaceutical Waste Training

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With everything online, you should be too

With a Document Management System (DMS) we are market leaders in bringing you simple online access to documentation and control over accounts.

DMS specialises in creating scanning solutions that are cost effective, providing controlled access to documents, improving integrity of archives and providing "peace of mind" that adds value to any business.

Compass is providing customers with easy access to their invoices, statements, SDC and consolidated tonnage reports.

Customers are provided with a unique profile when setting up their account. When the customer logs into the DMS system with their unique log in password, they are given access to their personal account, where they gain instant access to important and necessary information without having to wait for Compass to fax or email this information to them. If the customer wishes to view what has been invoiced to them, they can access their DMS account at any time by simply logging online.

The DMS system improves efficiency in a professional manner. This also allows customers to track their healthcare risk waste treatment and disposal by looking up the copy of the SDC, which has all the legal compliance information on it. Customers experience complete digital ease of use, organisation and satisfaction.


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  • Access to information allowing fast and effective retrieval of information
  • Simply log on with unique details for access
  • Turn wasted space into productive space
  • No document duplication
  • Cost savings – free to log on
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Document retention
  • Web based
  • Allow for data capturing and validation of detailed information
  • Add updated documents to existing records
  • Open and structured information
  • See and maintain indexed information
  • Never delete a record
  • Access from "anywhere"
  • Controlled access to document records
  • Easy to use, install, configure and maintain

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Distribution (Transport)

from catalogue 1 tspNever worry about transporting your waste; we travel that road for you

Compass has a fleet of approximately 70 vehicles that strictly adhere to the provisions of the National Road Traffic Act and the relevant SANS provisions, and with the use of the Cargoware Transport Management System, our Transport Supervisors are able to efficiently schedule our fleet movements and collections. The Cargoware Transport Management System assists in optimising resource utilisation, create a greater level of efficiency and helps save costs in the distribution and collection of healthcare risk waste. This system is also used to plan and schedule daily vehicle movements, driver allocation, order processing, routing documentation management and invoicing.

The benefits of using this system include:

  • A central and dynamic view of all vehicle activities during any given period
  • Operating cost reductions offered through process visibility
  • Improved productivity related issues, for example, excessive loading or off-loading time
  • Increased customer satisfaction resulting from our ability to provide accurate, relevant and timely information
  • Maximisation of fuel efficiencies
  • Maximisation of load utilisation

You can be rest assured that our vehicles are:

  • Registered as dangerous good vehicles
  • Fitted with a clean and dirty compartment for the transportation of clean and contaminated HCRW containers
  • Leak proof and display hazchem placards
  • Linked to iTruck real time tracking which also provides comprehensive logistical reports on vehicle movements
  • In communication with our Distribution Department and iTruck
  • Fitted with tailgate hydraulic lifts to facilitate safe handling
  • Locked at all times and have strict security regarding access to the vehicle
  • Comprehensively insured

Your waste is in safe hands!

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Tracking your waste using barcode technology

Reutech Communications provide bar coding technology to track and weigh your healthcare risk waste. Each container receives a unique bar code that is able to generate numerous custom designed reports with varying degrees of detail. 

reutech 1 reutech 2

Reutrack Scanning and Weighing System

The focus of our scanning and weighing system is two-fold: to provide an accurate and auditable tracking system from collection of the waste to its disposal (cradle to grave), as well as minimizing the manual capturing of data.

Our tracking and recording system also forms an integral part of the invoicing and payment module for services rendered.


  • Accurate delivery and collection of products with individual serialised barcodes.
  • Accurate billing for the customers at month end.
  • Customers don't have to write and compile their own breakdown of waste collected.
  • Individual item weighed per product.
  • Compass Medical Waste Services will interact with the customer in terms of their needs for ordering.
  • Online secure encrypted documents for customer viewing of invoices, statements and Safe Disposal Certificates.
  • Reporting and analysing of tonnages on a daily, weekly and month basis.

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