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Trustworthy Facts on nCov and nCoV Waste Handling

Overview of Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) and Waste Handling’, written by Microbiologist, Terry Grimmond, for Daniels Health US. Although the article is specific to US waste regulations, the principles of nCoV transmission and waste handling are universal. As of 4 February 2020, reported cases in China rose 19%; cases in other countries rose 4%, and no new countries have reported cases in last 72 hours.

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Reducing Plastic – is this a Priority for your Healthcare Facility?

If you are in healthcare, the Daniels Sharpsmart reusable container is the ideal way to reduce plastic to landfill. You can also reduce plastic in your personal capacity and click on the link to find out 15 ways that 4ocean, an NPO with a mission to clean up the world’s oceans, suggest you do.

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Compass on Listeriosis Crisis
Lessons learnt from the Listeriosis Crisis

Take a read of Lessons learnt from the Listeriosis Crisis – a hot topic at the recent DEA Workshop whereby reacting quicker to the containment, collection, treatment and disposal of Listeria infected waste was at the top of the agenda.

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Electronic Waste Manifest Documents

Looking into what the law has to say about the validity of the Waste Manifest documents that are issued electronically.

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HCRW Container Compliance

The design of HCRW containers, as well as the selection of the containers, their availability and careful use, is critically important to ensure both safety and minimal impact on the environment.

Correct Containerisation