How to use Daniels Sharpsmart containers
Instructions on how to use a Daniels Sharpsmart container

The Daniels Sharpsmart system has been proven to be the world’s safest sharps management system as it helps prevent sharps injuries. It is an innovative reusable system that reduces plastic from the sharps waste stream by 30%. The instructional video shows you how to use the Daniels Sharpsmart container and how to dispose of sharps in a legally compliant way. It also outlines the safety rules that the waste generator needs to follow when disposing of sharps.

Compass infectious waste box set
Instructions on how to make up an infectious waste box set

Watch Compass’ instructor video on the simple steps that need to be followed when making up an infectious waste, single-use box set. These box sets are used to contain infectious materials such as gloves, bandages, nappies, dressings and swabs that could transmit infectious agents. All box sets must be lined with a red bag and then sealed with a cable tie once ¾ full.

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