Global Leadership Summit 2018

The 2018 Global Leadership Summit held at churches throughout South Africa was attended by 76 Compass staff, who fed back on their learnings and areas which they are looking to grow in – because when leaders get better, everyone gets better. There was so much to take in and everyone would have found different talks, speakers and messages that sonated with them but here are some points which I felt were relevant to all organisations and leaders.


• A leader needs to be transparent, honest, valuable, optimistic and humble. They must do what they say they

are going to do and be a good listener.

• Good leaders are exceptionally generous with their gratitude and are centred which means secure, confident,

consistent and aligned.

• Good leaders are vulnerable and ask more questions than they answer.

• Good leaders don’t simply ask questions to confirm their biases.

• They develop situational awareness, discern future threats and opportunities and challenge the status quo.

• They ask why things are not working, as well as why things are working.

• Good leaders make their employees feel noticed and that they matter.


• The six relational skills that you need to be successful:

– kind-hearted and optimistic

– curious and empathetic

– self-aware and ethical


• What makes a great leader is:

– creativity and flexibility

– a mind-set of abundance

– the ability to see opportunities before others see them

– being intentional with their daily growth


• You grow power by giving it away.

• Celebrate mistakes and learn more.

• Be authentic – this is your competitive advantage.

• The price of inaction is greater than the price of making a mistake.

For more than 20 years, the Global Leadership Summit has proven to produce compelling outcomes for attendees:

• 81% of attendees cite concrete ways their supervisor has become a better leader because of the Summit.

• 87% of attendees feel a greater sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

• 61% of attendees say their organisation is more effective because of a clearer vision.

• 83% of attendees demonstrate improved teamwork, job satisfaction and productivity

“To go to the next level, you have to change the way that you think and operate. There is way more inside you than you can imagine.” – Craig Groeschel

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