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We cover Compass and industry news, while our Compass CRUX will fill you in on the latest regulation changes, technology trends, products and more within the healthcare risk waste industry.

Challenges in the management of healthcare risk waste
Infrastructure Challenges in the Management of Healthcare Risk Waste

What infrastructure challenges does Compass, as a service provider to generators of medical waste, encounter when providing services to healthcare facilities. Read more to prevent or resolve some of these issues to ensure the safer and more efficient management of healthcare risk waste.

Global leadership summit 2018
Global Leadership Summit 2018

Each year Compass sends senior staff members on the various GLS conferences across the country. Read here about what the top take homes and outcomes from the 2018 GLS were.

Global Leadership Summit 2018 
Compass family 
Staff Development 

Compass Secure - Family and Community
Featuring Mduduzi Sokhela – Family and Community are his Priorities

Meet Mduduzi Sokhela, Compass’ Security Site Supervisor. Read about his humble beginnings to now managing over 23 Compass Secure staff members and overseeing rosters for 35 onsite staff at nine KZN DOH hospitals. Not only is he a team player, but he is a family man and a leader in his local community. Mduduzi embodies our Compass core values of commitment, reliability, initiative and teamwork.

Compass Family 
Staff Development 

Business and fundraising breakfast
Business and Fundraising Breakfast Raises R76 000

Compass Medical Waste Services, in conjunction with Unashamedly Ethical, CSBM and iThemba Lethu, held a business and fundraising breakfast on 22 September 2017 and raised R76 000. Compass is a member of Unashamedly Ethical which confronts corruption and injustice through co-ordinated, targeted and impactful advocacy and campaigns to advance ethical behaviour.

Unashamedly Ethical 
Business Ethics 
Compass Cares 

surgical face mask being worn
Trustworthy Facts on nCov and nCoV Waste Handling

Overview of Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) and Waste Handling’, written by Microbiologist, Terry Grimmond, for Daniels Health US. Although the article is specific to US waste regulations, the principles of nCoV transmission and waste handling are universal. As of 4 February 2020, reported cases in China rose 19%; cases in other countries rose 4%, and no new countries have reported cases in last 72 hours.

Daniels Sharpsmart reusable containers
Reducing Plastic – is this a Priority for your Healthcare Facility?

If you are in healthcare, the Daniels Sharpsmart reusable container is the ideal way to reduce plastic to landfill. You can also reduce plastic in your personal capacity and click on the link to find out 15 ways that 4ocean, an NPO with a mission to clean up the world’s oceans, suggest you do.

Daniels Sharpsmart 
No to plastic 

Compass on Listeriosis Crisis
Lessons learnt from the Listeriosis Crisis

Take a read of Lessons learnt from the Listeriosis Crisis – a hot topic at the recent DEA Workshop whereby reacting quicker to the containment, collection, treatment and disposal of Listeria infected waste was at the top of the agenda.

Infection Control 

Female Doctor working on Computer
Electronic Waste Manifest Documents

Looking into what the law has to say about the validity of the Waste Manifest documents that are issued electronically.

waste manifest 
electronic waste manifest 

medical waste containers
HCRW Container Compliance

The design of HCRW containers, as well as the selection of the containers, their availability and careful use, is critically important to ensure both safety and minimal impact on the environment.

Correct Containerisation 

Compass CRUX March 2020

Often technology is introduced to an industry and the perception is that it is the most effective solution, when in fact the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Read about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) vs Barcode when it comes to the tracking and traceability of your healthcare risk waste. Is RFID the right solution? Compass CRUX March

Compass CRUX – April 2019

The lessons learnt from Listeriosis crisis which hit South Africa this time last year is covered in this edition, followed by an update on Compass’ Western Cape treatment facility. Read about how the illegal storage of healthcare risk waste (HCRW) is not limited to South Africa, while the second education feature covers infectious waste solutions. Three personality profiles are included in this edition – Compass’ Melanie Marcelino, Neville de Lucia, franchise owner of Dale Carnegie, and Marc de Chalain who is providing all our photographs for the Compass Cares’ 2020 wildlife calendar.

Compass CRUX – August 2018

Managing HCRW from isolation wards and, in particular, from patients with Formidable Epidemic Diseases (FED) is covered in this edition. The SANS guidelines for having a SLA with your HCRW service provider is highlighted, as well as the pitfalls to look out for in order to avoid automatic renewals, additional charges or unnecessary legal action. Find out how to become an organ, blood or breastmilk donor and save a life.

Compass CRUX – December 2017

The recycling of clinical glass is debated in this edition by both environmental lawyer, Siya Mkhize, and environmental consultant, Lorna Hill. Compass’ contingency plan is covered – a necessity when dealing with the management of HCRW. Container compliance is featured, as well as a personality profile on Doug Anderson who has been involved in Compass since inception.

Compass CRUX – June 2017

Healthcare risk waste is a vital service and, as a result, is governed by numerous pieces of international, national, provincial and local legislation. Shepstone & Wylie details the ramifications for generators not monitoring the full ‘cradle to grave’ process. Compass announces its B-BBEE partnership with Gap Capital.

Compass CRUX – November 2016

The health effects of Mercury exposure kicks off this publication followed by the announcement of Compass winning the award for excellence. Dr Mzukisi, the chairman of the South African Medical Association, covers the topic of patient records – the ethical and legal considerations.

Compass CRUX – March 2016

Clinical microbiologist, Terry Grimmond, alerts us to the fact that in just 18 months the Zika virus has spread to 28 countries across the world. The ‘golden rules’ for handling healthcare risk waste containers is spelt out, and the introduction of our improved scanning system is featured.

Compass CRUX – July 2015

Terry Grimmond, clinical microbiologist and international speaker on sharps safety, writes about his 12 week deployment to help combat the spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. We introduce you to our treatment shift supervisor, William Shozi, and the opening of our Clayville treatment facility takes place.

How to use Daniels Sharpsmart containers
Instructions on how to use a Daniels Sharpsmart container

The Daniels Sharpsmart system has been proven to be the world’s safest sharps management system as it helps prevent sharps injuries. It is an innovative reusable system that reduces plastic from the sharps waste stream by 30%. The instructional video shows you how to use the Daniels Sharpsmart container and how to dispose of sharps in a legally compliant way. It also outlines the safety rules that the waste generator needs to follow when disposing of sharps.

Compass infectious waste box set
Instructions on how to make up an infectious waste box set

Watch Compass’ instructor video on the simple steps that need to be followed when making up an infectious waste, single-use box set. These box sets are used to contain infectious materials such as gloves, bandages, nappies, dressings and swabs that could transmit infectious agents. All box sets must be lined with a red bag and then sealed with a cable tie once ¾ full.

Environmentally responsible 
Infection Control 
Sharps solution 
Daniels Sharpsmart 

Compass Cares CSI Video
Compass Cares CSI Video

Compass Cares is a culture of grace, gratitude and generosity. Press play to learn about the amazing people and organisations that we hope will benefit from the legacy of Compass Cares for many years to come.

Compass Cares 

Compass Cares CSI Video
Compass Cares CSI Video – Extended Version

Compass Cares, the CSI arm of Compass, is active throughout South Africa. Press play on the extended Compass Cares DVD to learn about our initiatives and the incredible organisations we support, as well as how our staff get involved in brightening up the lives of people who need it the most.

Compass Cares