Offering a full healthcare risk waste (HCRW) solution: containment, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal, our individually barcoded SANS aligned, and SABS / UN approved containers can be tracked and traced – anytime, anywhere. Able to scan, weigh and collect containers filled with HCRW, we record it on a Waste Manifest – a legal requirement – for safe, environmentally conscious treatment.

All infectious and sharps waste is treated using autoclave technology, which is eco-friendly. In the case of anatomical, pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste, permitted incinerators are used.

All treated waste and residue is disposed of in permitted landfills.

Safe Disposal Certificates are issued once the waste is disposed of.

from cradle to grave…


  • We train healthcare staff on the correct segregation and containerisation of HCRW.
  • We deliver containers (single use and reusable) and collect full containers from the generator’s central storage area (CSA), weigh and scan the waste and oversee the signing off process.
  • The waste is transported to our treatment facilities where it is autoclaved, shredded and landfilled. Anatomical, pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste (schedule 5 & 6) is incinerated by registered, permitted and reputable third parties.
  • A Waste Manifest is provided to customers for each consignment of HCRW collected. Safe Disposal Certificates are issued confirming that the HCRW has been safely treated and disposed of.


  • Expert sales executives and customer service teams to provide advice and assist with queries.
  • Continual training of your healthcare workers on the correct segregation and containerisation of HCRW.
  • Regular ward walks to facilitate compliance with the first four steps of the 'cradle to grave' principle.
  • Our online electronic document management system (DMS) is available to our customers to access invoices, statements, proof of deliveries, Safe Disposal Certificates, reports etc.
  • Compass CRUX, an industry focused magazine, is available electronically and in print to provide up-to-date information on the latest regulations, research results and learnings in the HCRW industry. To view the Compass CRUX publications, check out the Compass CRUX tab in our news & media section.